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Kinder’s taking the stage!

July 8, 2019

The Kindergarten children have shown an interest in incorporating performing arts in their play. As they have been enjoying dramatic play, we have provided a variety of costumes/dress ups.

A stage was created and implemented in the room for the Kinder’s to perform on. We had a discussion with the Kinder children and brain stormed what equipment performers have with them whilst on stage.



A few suggested we need a microphone, “So people can hear us”. The Kinder’s got their imaginative brains and hands working and created some microphones using recycled cardboard tubes and foil. While a few children took the stage to perform, a couple of children in the home corner looking in the cash register and bringing over money for children to purchase tickets to watch the performance. This then lead to children creating some tickets to allow them to watch the show.


We can’t wait to see where the children take and lead this experience.

Children that participate in theatre receive so many benefits, especially children who are still trying to find a place in the world and figure out who they are and what gifts they have to share.



Here are seven ways that theatre is beneficial for kids: 

  1. Sparks Imagination – Creating new ideas, updating old ideas and interpreting them into something new takes creative energy and imagination.

  2. Builds Focus – Reading scripts and plays and practicing and performing them takes concentration and focus which transfers to all other areas of life, including school and sports.

  3. Improves Memory – In order to play a part, you need to know your lines. The process of learning the words and movements for the stage increase our ability to strengthen and use the memory muscle.

  4. Enhance Communication Skills – Working with others increases both verbal and nonverbal communication. When working on a play or show, you learn to articulate and project your voice, as well as to listen and observe.

  5. Empathy – Whenever you play a part, you are in a sense, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. You take on their thoughts, feelings, behaviors and viewpoints which helps you to understand them and their situation more clearly.

  6. Have Fun – Part of the process of creating includes learning and trying out ideas which often leads to humour, and laughter.

  7. Builds Self Confidence – Learning lines, studying characters, practicing and performing all help to build character and confidence. The student learns to trust their own instincts, ideas and abilities which they take to all aspects of their lives including school, jobs, relationships and challenges.





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